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TRAUMATIK Vs SMK Lyrics - Mr Traumatik

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Lyrics to "TRAUMATIK Vs SMK" song by "Mr Traumatik"

Who the fuck is SMK the smelly flipping tramp?
Ill stick in rusty razer blades inside your Mrs pants,
But let me guess your packing lotta gones and bringing tangs,
Let me guess you'll have me in slurps like i live in France,
Fuck off blood i dont need slugs like your delicious pants,
1 viscious plans,
will make him piss his pants,
Are you too quick at that?
Wrap it round his flipping back,
When your eating rumped lambs the only time your getting shanks,
zero fours keep on spinning round my head,
Do i stick a shank in him or swing him round instead?
i know im vigilante when he hit the ground and bled,
Imagine if the police and paramedics found him dead?,
I'd grab a piece of rope and tie a circle round his neck,
Choke the fucker till he turning purple, brown and red,
Pick up a kitchen knife and scalpel round his dreads,
You only need new handling the one who found him dead,
SMK you are a sick demented monster,
Your gonna fail with your shit attempt to conquer,
Fuck a head lock im chopping off your dread locks,
i havent got no patience like a skitty reading docter,
SMK you aint a killer, u aint making duppies,
A teeny bit of black pudding with some bacon butties,
i see him working 9 to 5 in a royal mint,
so dont get it twisted when he saying that hes making money,
Fort in a bring im settling,
i get my nan to phone him up and fucking threaten him,
Your stage name tho - ringadingding ferdanings,
SMK sniffs mountains of ketamine,
Stick a shank in him,
I told him wrestling,
Stash his heroine,
Inside his lemon ting,
So stick a spirit level on his head and take a picture so its relevant to never done that SMK aint leveling,
Dont play games like football,
Dont play games like blackjack,
Got anfrax in my boxers and tnt in my backpack,
Im packing chemical compounds thats why im wearing a gas mask,
Please dont piss me off coz i might just leave your head in a black bag,
Im viscious,
Im violent,
Im using all my draws fam,
Please dont piss me off coz i might just leave your head in a saucepan,
Add some sault and pepper,
Then eat the flesh off your head piece,
Coz i got mental issues,
Sick like things like epilepsi,
Elementary, El-Elementary,
Do not piss me off or torment me,
ihg4ieb4p traumatiks,
aohgiaeh flow is deadly,
Ive got schizrophenia thats why the police wont artest me,
SMK dont test me,
Youll go missing by next week,
Im casuing loads of pain,
Rokolex and shoulder pain,
Spin and cook it over flame,
Confront cakes above the brain,
We dont feel the same,
You sound like you ate loads of rain and might as well go die in hel coz basically nobody knows your name,
Fuck SMK,
You get blazed like lemon hazed,
Your mc name is a burden but i dont care where the weapon sprays,
in 11 days you'll get found dead in devon bays,
i cba to do anymore lol bye

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