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Spinner Riddim Lyrics - Sickick

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Lyrics to "Spinner Riddim" song by "Sickick"

Fidget Spinner Riddim
Why don't you sit down babygirl and we can talk all through the night,
You can push and pull my heart I promise I won't tell no lie,
You've been asking me for time if you think you and I are right,
Well baby... don't tell me you ain't seein' all the signs...

You keep holdin' on to things that only play out in your mind,
And I'm glad we had this talk cause I've been holding it inside,
We go back and forth back and forth back and forth until we die,
We keep spinnin' round in circles... all I hear is...

You don't love me,
You don't love me,
You must be crazy,
If you think I'm waiting....


I know you'd love it if I told you imma stay,
Hand on my black heart I just want us to end...

You don't get to call me girl,
I don't need your love through the cold winter,
Even if you're thirsty I'm not your water, fuck,
I don't wanna yell this time, so imma whisper...

Girl you need to go your way,
Pack up your things, find a brighter day,
Cuz you fuck up my brain when I hear your say,

Y-y-y-y-y-y-ou don't love me...
You don't love me,
You must be crazy,
If you think I'm waiting,
No you don't love me,
You don't love me,
You made me crazy,
Baby I'm just not ready....


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Sickick (born 1988-10-25) is a Canadian EDM artist, producer and vocalist who mixes R&B vocals with dark tones. He worked behind the scenes as a producer and writer for several mainstream artists. He uploads remixes of top artists' songs to his YouTube channel. His remix of iLoveMakonnen "@Tuesday" ft. Drake accumulated more than 1.25 million views in just seven months. The Sickick team also includes manager and creative partner Rayn Magic. Both have recently partnered with Much Digital Studios to bring their content to the forefront of the entertainment scene. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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