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Danger Zone Lyrics - Young Kato

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Lyrics to "Danger Zone" song by "Young Kato"

I do the same thing everyday
Daytime TV and window gaze
It's so slow
Take me to the Danger Zone

I do as I'm told
Stuck in a mould
Think I need reshaping
In this living hell
Bedroom’s a cell
There's no escaping
Take me to the Danger Zone

I lack something in my life
For far too long I've been preoccupied
Don't take me home
Take me to the Danger Zone

So I'll leave my job, give up all my possessions
To lead a life like this was never my intention
So I'm done
I'm done

When I feel caged up and life has broken me down
I dream of being somewhere else
I stay awake for you
It's all I can do
I can't even contain myself

So come on, come on, come on
Don't be a stranger
Take me to the Danger Zone
Don't tell me to wait 'cause I won't

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