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Cry Lyrics - Thornetta Davis

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Lyrics to "Cry" song by "Thornetta Davis"

Put me in the ground...dry my eyes,
Cover me with your empty words;
turn and walk away.
Another mother cries...for another lost child,
nothing reveals the games you play;
turn and walk away.
I try to wipe my eyes...and push away the pain,
I try to lie still through the same old game.
This emptiness inside is driving me insane
this feeling I can't hide...I hope you feel the same.

[Chorus:] I wonder if you cry at midnight
and does your heart feel the pain?
Cry if you want, cry if you will,
I wanted you to feel this way.

Does anyone cry for a killer when he's viewed as a saint?
Fill my ears with what I need to hear,
close my eyes and you disappear.
I'm like an insect in amber...I'm frozen in time.
Will I fall into tomorrow? Will I make it through tonight?

(Repeat Chorus)

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Thornetta Davis is a blues singer from Detroit. She is best known for her song "Cry", which was featured in the HBO drama The Sopranos.

She started her career in 1987 with a Detroit soul band. Later, after lending background vocals for Big Chief, she embarked on a solo career.

She released her first and only studio album, Sunday Morning Music, in 1996 on Sub Pop records.

Thornetta Davis has continued performing live and releasing music, which can be found at her official website. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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