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Bawlz Lyrics - Merkules

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Lyrics to "Bawlz" song by "Merkules"

Uh hu. I always say uh hu in the intro like
I'm agreeing to somthin' whatever fuck it,
I'm goin in.(Body)
This shit is crazy, I got nothin to lose.
Man I rememeber when we used to
have somthin to prove, but I'm on top
now looking down and lovin the view
(haha) If i jumped I'd prolly land in the
trunk of the coupe.
Ya, Canadian killer, They're waitin for
pictures but I don't do the small talk I
just came for the dinner, I'll eat a steak,
lick the plate and head straight to
the shitter, and then I'll puke inside
the sink cause i drank all the liquor
cause I'm a scumbag, asshole,
bastard child. Ask around, I was broke,
but I'm laughing now. I got my girl
countin money till she passes out,
Wake up in a plane and we land in Maui.
I'm only braggin cause i know what
it was like at the bottom, I got the rentz
now, everything i write is retarded,
all the fights i started got me feeling
like I'm a target but i still don't give a
fuck i guess i might be the problem huh?(Chorus)
I heard he bought a brand new whip with
the roof missin he be on some brand new
shit (no I didnt)
I heard he bought a brand new watch and
a grill you can see everytime he talks
(could be true)
I heard hes doin sold out show and
when he comes home i heard the
whole town goes (yeah thats true)
I heard hes got some big ass bawlz
that he drags on the ground when he
goes for a walk (its kind of annoying)(Body 2)
You can see'em fucking hanging
out my pants, now i got your baby
mama goin crazy in the stands.
I'm a time bomb tickin, I've been
patient as I can, now I'm bout to
blow the fuck up, the grenades
are going ham baby. I don't take
showers, I don't wash my hands
so you can smell im the shit
when you cross my path
(Thats right ooooh) How the
fuck do i even have friends?
I'm so dope when this album
drops youll need an asprain.
If you hate me then I'm sorry
you should eat a fat dick,
put my zipper down now there's
easy access yeah.
Fat fucker but my bellys not
complaining and this can happen
when you let a fucking lion out the
cage and now i know not givin a
fuck is sorta dope, now you
should steal this off the internet
and play it for your folks, if this
song makes you angry I consider
that a joke, I could lie and say i
care about your feelings but i don't bitch.

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Merkules is a 20 year old Hip Hop Artist from Surrey, British Columbia. At the age of 16, with the help of a few top tier locals, he began making music, and quickly left his stamp in Vancouver's hip hop scene. Shirtless in all his glory, Merkules brings something different to the table with his music every time. Although humour plays a huge factor when it comes to his material, he has always offered his fans a wide variety of emotions in his music. Merkules connects with his fans on a personal level every day through various social media platforms. Although he is young, he has created an eccentric character that young people all over the world have come to know and love.  Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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